sâmbătă, 11 septembrie 2010

Ahmadinejad Twitter

-Today I threw out the first stone at this year's stoning opening day!
-Who let the Shah out? Who...who...who....Who let the Shah out?
-Scoop: the Great Satan's Lebron James may sign with the Teheran Titans of the Persian Elite League this summer. Stay tuned.
-I've come to suspect that your Beyoncé is a Zionist because her southern "territories" are constantly expanding.
-I've just fired up my reactor! (Please don't turn this into something sexual.)
-Iranian basketball team, Ayatollah and myself salute you in your next match vs. the Great Satan! Don't make us have to kill your families!
-Just got a letter from Steve Jobs. Apparently we are no longer allowed to use the letter "I" in the word "Iran" anymore.
-I like to retaliate by burning a book that you Americans hold dear, but the only book you care about is Facebook.

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